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News from the Quiggs
(updated 30/03/24)  

Hi Folks,

it is now the night before we head away on the April spring tour to Denmark and Germany and the bags are packed, well almost... we travel light so a couple of shirts, dresses and microphones and that should be about it ;-) we're hoping for some sunshine, friendly faces and not too much traffic on the German motorways...well you can always hope.

Keep checking the giglist as it's regularly updated.

In spite of the fact that very few people these days still own a CD player we have started recording a new album at Ian McCalman's studio in Lasswade - watch out for it later in the year ;-)


You can follow us on Bandcamp where you can listen to and download our music (by far the best download service if you want to support the artist) you'll also find individual recordings, which have not been released on CD, our latest recording is an old German song "Röslein auf der Heiden". 

The latest album "Threads" is available to buy on our shop page.










Here's a few links to some nice reviews of the album:

FATEA Music Magazine

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All the best,

Stephen & Pernille

P.S. If you have any questions, requests or booking inquiries don't hesitate to get in touch.

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