Original Handprinted Linocuts

I've always enjoyed working in a creative space whether it was in music, song or the written word. Producing something with my hands and the imagination has always been a great pleasure and when the pandemic hit last year, I suddenly had time to try out printmaking and became "hooked" immediately. I take my inspiration from nature, music, poetry and people.

Below is a selection of prints available to buy , the postage is free in UK and £2 postage for the rest of the world.

They can be bought on or on www.PayPal.Me/pernillequigg just add message with your address and name of print.

This original lino print is titled simply "Mother and Child" (Danish title "Mor og Barn") It depicts the loving bond between a mother and her child, reminiscent of the classic Madonna and Child but here there are no halos, just love.

Variation (red ink)  The print was cut in marmoleum (a flooring material very similar to linoleum) and handprinted with a spoon using Caligo safe wash ink. The paper I have used for this print is lightweight Japanese Shoji paper. It is a limited edition print, as there will be no more than 100 prints in each variation, there are currently two colours available red and blue, the prints are all numbered, titled and signed by me. The prints are unique and may therefore have slight variations, however only the best prints are selected.  Price: £10

"The Fisher Lass" /"Fisker pigen" This print was inspired by an image on a painted tile outside a house I came across years ago on the Spanish island, Mallorca, and so it ought to have the title "La Pescadora". The naive style is obviously far from realism but quite a joyful image of bringing home the catch of the day.

The print was cut in traditional grey linoleum and handprinted using a metal spoon, using Caligo safe wash process blue (cyan) ink and white acid free Snowden paper (130mg). The print comes in dark or light blue. It is a limited edition print as it will never exceed 100 original prints, all numbered and signed by me.  Price £10

This is an original hand-burnished lino print showing the feeding of a young starling. It is titled "Listen to the little Starling" in Danish "Hør den lille Stær", which is the title of a Danish children's song. The song praises the simplicity and freedom of the bird's life and it was always one of my favourite songs as a child.

The print was cut in traditional grey linoleum and handprinted using a metal spoon, using Caligo safe wash cyan blue ink and white acid free Snowden paper (130mg). It is a limited edition as it will never exceed 100 original prints, all prints are numbered and signed by me. 

price £10

A limited edition original lino print "Silent Sparrow"/"Spurven sidder stum bag kvist", the inspiration for this print is taken from an old Danish song written by Jeppe Aakjær. The song is reminiscing days gone by with the mother at the spinningwheel and winter lying heavy on the land. The print shows a sparrow as seen through a window in a winter landscape.

The print was carved in traditional lino and handprinted using Caligo Safewash relief ink in cyan blue, burnished by hand using a spoon on white 130mg Snowden acid free paper. The size of the paper is A4 and print itself measures 15.4 cm x 20.4 cm. It is a limited edition print, no more than a 100 will be printed. Price £10

"An Eternity of Hope"/"En Evighed af Håb" is the title of this flower print of a blue anemone. The Danish title are words from an old song "Den blå Anemone". The song is a celebration of the force of life, which the writer found in this little flower originally grown in the warm rich soil of Lolland, however to the writer's surprise, it survives in the harsh conditions of Jutland. An emblem so to speak of resilience and hope, something we all need.

The print was cut in traditional grey linoleum and handprinted using a metal spoon, using Caligo safe wash process blue (cyan) ink and white acid free Snowden paper (130mg). It is a limited edition print as it will never exceed 100 original prints, all numbered, titled, and signed by me. Price £10

20210510_144221 (2).jpg
This is an original lino cut of a blackbird sitting on the branches of a flowering tree. The blackbird has always been my favourite singer, since, as a child, I listened to it singing from the treetops in the evening when all other voices had grown quiet.

The design was sketched and carved by hand into the linoleum then inked up with Caligo safe wash black ink and printed by handburnishing onto an A5 size Snowden or Kent acid free paper. Each print is an original and unique and may therefore have slight variations due to the fact that it is printed by hand and not machine made. There is a variation available on mintgreen Nepalese Lokta paper, and the print is also available with a handpainted watercolour wash. The A5 prints are £8.50. Below are also examples of the print available as a set of greeting cards, a pack of 4 costs £10 and a pack of 3 is £8.

This lino cut is named “triskelion” and is an ancient design dating back to the Neolithic period, it seems to have many symbolic meanings but certainly the design could reflect the cycle of nature. The design was used by the Celts also to symbolise movement and competition.


The design was drawn by hand, transferred to the linoleum and carved and inked up. Then using the back of a spoon the image was printed on to the cards, therefore each one may have slight variations as it is an original print. The inks used a caligo safe wash relief printing ink.
The cards come printed in green, red or black ink. They come in two sizes, there is a white A6 size card and a larger natural brown card available.
The design is also available as an A5 sige print.

Prices are as follows:

Large natural brown card 2 pack £5

Small white card 3 pack £7.50

A5 print £8.50

“The Fox” is a lino print which shows a fox in the foreground with the town or cityscape in the background. It is inspired by a fox I saw running down the road in the town where I live. Although it’s  not unusual that foxes are seen in the city, it still seems quite exciting to see wildlife so close at hand. It also inspired the song of same name, which will be available on the next album with the Quiggs. (The lyrics for the song are below.)

The Lino cut is an original and handprinted with the back of a spoon and may therefore have slight variations. It is printed with caligo safe wash relief ink and is available as an A5 size print in black or red ink and as an A6 size greeting card in black ink.

A5 print price £8.50

Greeting cards pack of 3 price £7.50

“The Fox”
I watch her saunter down the street
Her watchful eye light on her feet
The moon too far away to care
The lazy lamplight stand and stare
I thought your home was far from here.

And from the corner of my eye 
I see the cars are flying by
A coat of fur as red as rust
Exotic as the desert dust
I thought your home was far from here.

I thought the forest was your home 
The morning fields for prey you’d roam
Yet here you stand and catch my eye
As if to say this place was mine
And once your home was far from here.