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She Moved Through the Fair - Acapella in Molly Malone's Folk Club, Germany. 2017

The Surf and the Silverfishes. Molly Malone's Folk club. Germany. 2017

Loch Lomond. Strib Folk club. 2017

What You Do With What You've Got. Moira Furnace Folk Festival. England 2019

Scarlet Ribbons - a song from the kitchen 1. Lock down March 2020

From Greenland - written by Ian McCalman. Songs from the kitchen 2. Lock down April 2020.

Easter Sunshine - Pernille Quigg. Songs from the kitchen 3. Lock down April 2020

1st part of a Danish greeting 'Syvmilestøvler'

april 2020 

2nd part of Danish greeting 'Green Fields of France' april 2020

'Let's Recycle it's so easy' The Wheelie bin song. May 2020

'The Isle of Eigg. May 2020

'Rainbow Race' May 2020.

'Wings of Gold' June 2020

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