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The Quiggs Folk Duo

“Celtic Threads”


Songs from Scotland and beyond – the Danish/Scottish folk duo presents a unique tapestry of songs woven with a Celtic thread. Whether the material is traditional or contemporary the distinguishable mark of the Quiggs is the quality of the voices in harmony and the strength of the songs.


"The indicators of true quality extend to the individual and collective strengths of the Quiggs themselves, for both are fine singers with a nice line in close harmony, and both are natural experts in the art of choosing excellent songs..." David Kidman, The Living Tradition.


 “The Quiggs are blessed with a rare musical talent “ Kenneth Ferguson, Corstorphine folk


“The Quiggs” is a Scottish/Danish duo consisting of the married couple Stephen and Pernille Quigg. Stephen Quigg is a well-established folksinger who has made a living playing music for over 40 years. He grew up on the west-coast of Scotland where music played an important part of his formative years. Stephen has through all the years performed solo but for 10 years he was also part of the legendary folk group The McCalmans until they finished up in 2010. Stephen toured with the group all over Europe and it was from Denmark (Viking raids revisited) that he brought with him home his future wife and singer/songwriter Pernille. Pernille grew up in a very small village in the East of Jutland, where the old folk still recall a certain songbird sitting in the neighbour's apple tree. As a young adult she moved to Ireland looking for musical inspiration and later to Scotland where love and music combine in perfect harmony.


The Quiggs tour regularly with great success in Denmark, Germany and The Netherlands and of course there are many concerts on Scottish soil. Stephen and Pernille share a common feeling for the tradition of folksong. It is a close partnership which thrives on a strong connection to the audience reaching far beyond the front row. This has given the duo a very loyal and ever-increasing fan base.


 The combination of the two voices in close harmony in songs whether traditional or contemporary interspersed with anecdotes and a touch of humour has received much praise from both audiences and organisers. A concert with The Quiggs is a chance to hear folksong in its original form - simple, yet highly expressive, beautiful harmonies and songs that seek the audience's participation.


Stephen Quigg: vocals, guitar, banjo and bodhran

Pernille Quigg: vocals and guitar


“Pernille and Stephen Quigg are a duo who pack a real punch with their sparkling harmonies and no nonsense musicianship.” David Jones

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