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“The Fox” is a lino print which shows a fox in the foreground with the town or cityscape in the background. It is inspired by a fox I saw running down the road in the town where I live. Although it’s  not unusual that foxes are seen in the city, it still seems quite exciting to see wildlife so close at hand. It also inspired the song of same name, which is on the new album by the Quiggs. 

The Fox - Original Lino Print

SKU: A5 print
  • The Lino cut is an original and handprinted with the back of a spoon and may therefore have slight variations. It is printed with caligo safe wash relief ink.

    “The Fox”
    I watch her saunter down the street
    Her watchful eye light on her feet
    The moon too far away to care
    The lazy lamplight stand and stare
    I thought your home was far from here.

    And from the corner of my eye 
    I see the cars are flying by
    A coat of fur as red as rust
    Exotic as the desert dust
    I thought your home was far from here.

    I thought the forest was your home 
    The morning fields for prey you’d roam
    Yet here you stand and catch my eye
    As if to say this place was mine
    And once your home was far from here.

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