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"This album breathes Scotland - but not in the picture postcard kind of style. It isn't a glossy tourist brochure that pangs your eye with colours technically enhanced. It is a piece of a the real Scotland with its old traditions finding a footing in a modern world, This is the Scotland Stephen sings, and he does so with great respect and love for the songs, which are the patchwork of his cultural inheritance."
Pernille Rutzou (The Living Tradition) 2008


released January 1, 2008

Silver Sands - CD

SKU: Lowland015
  • 1. The Fishing Days 
    2. From Greenland 
    3. No More Sailing
    4. Scots Abroad
    5. Strong Women Rule Us All With Their Tears 
    6. Ae Fond Kiss 
    7. Some Hae Meat 
    8. Home To The Kyles 
    9. Blantyre Explosion 
    10. The Road To Drumleman 
    11. I Wandered By A Brookside 
    12. Annie McKelvie 
    13. Bodhrans And Banjos 
    14. Auld Lang Syne 
    15. The 830

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