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"Driftwood was, according to Norse mythology, what the two first human beings were shaped from. The tale goes that three gods found the two pieces of driftwood on the shore and bestowed upon them the gifts of life and spirit. The title of this CD is therefore partly a connection to my Nordic roots, it is also taken from one of my songs on the CD in which driftwood becomes something we take from the shore maybe in an attempt to hold on to life."



released January 1, 2013

Driftwood - CD

SKU: Lowland018
  • 1.Turn Around

    2.Walls and Windows


    4.Andy's Gone With Cattle

    5.Regnvejrsdag i November/ Rainy day in November

    6.Hold Me Tighter


    8.There But For Fortune

    9.The Shearing's No For You

    10.Lord Franklin

    11.Between the Lines

    12.Lord Yester

    13.Easter Sunshine

    14.Amazing Grace

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