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This lino print is a limited edition, reduction print. There are two variations of this print the bumblebee on wood, which is an edition of 6 prints and the bumblebee with honeycomb an edition of 5 prints.
The importance of bees in our natural world has come to our attention in a more general way in later years as we have finally realised how dependent the human race is on these little creatures. The pesticides used in farming caused a decline in the bee populations which is not only tragic for the animals themselves, but we need these little pollinators to help grow our food.
I have always liked the sound of the buzzing bumblebees on lazy summer afternoons and hope to still hear them many years from now.

Bumblebee on Wood - Original Lino Print

SKU: Limited edition
  • For the print with the wooden background I used a piece of wood which was initially scorched with a flame to bring out the wood grain. Then it was cleaned and finally inked up and printed on to the paper. The lino cut bee was printed in 3 layers afterwards using caligo safe wash relief ink and Snowden acid free paper. As it is a reduction print it is not possible to make any further prints.

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