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"An Eternity of Hope"/"En Evighed af Håb" is the title of this flower print of a blue anemone. The Danish title are words from an old song "Den blå Anemone". The song is a celebration of the force of life, which the writer found in this little flower originally grown in the warm rich soil of Lolland, however to the writer's surprise, it survives in the harsh conditions of Jutland. An emblem so to speak of resilience and hope, something we all need.

An Eternity of Hope - Original Lino Print

SKU: Limited Edition/100
  • The print was cut in traditional grey linoleum and handprinted using a metal spoon, using Caligo safe wash process blue (cyan) ink and white acid free Snowden paper (130mg). It is a limited edition print as it will never exceed 100 original prints, all numbered, titled, and signed by me.

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